Adele’s Grammy speech and Motherhood

I actually missed out on watching the Grammy’s this year but someone just posted Adele’s speech for best album. I love her even more.  A few things I took from this.

She acknowledges how many people it takes to make this happen. “It took an army to make me strong and willing to do it.”  I think sometimes as women, mothers, wherever you are at, we are can be so hard on ourselves for not getting enough done. Sometimes it really does take a team. You are doing great. People don’t just wake up looking like Adele or Beyoncé, raise children, produce albums. They have major help, makeup artists, assistants, producers, nannies etc etc etc. Not that that is an excuse or deterrent to not try or we won’t get amazing things done but know you might need some help. Or we will get there, it just might take longer than we would like. We can’t do it all on own.

She said “Motherhood is really HARD.” AMEN Adele. A-freaking men. Having kids has been the single best thing I can say that I have ever done but that does not mean that it has been easy. Hell to the no. And she mentions getting lost. I almost forget how lost I felt after having my first baby, now I’m so far from who I was then or pre-baby that I don’t even feel as lost as I’ve detached from that person awhile ago. But it is so nice to hear someone even like Adele had to find, still is finding her way back to a new verison of herself.  Your life is turned upside down, everything you have known. Your priorities instantly change. What you can do. What you have time or energy for. It is a journey not to get back but to find a new you, happiness, being. And even celebrities, incredibly talented mamas with teams of people to help them go through the exact same thing.

And shouting out Beyoncé for her incredible album. Which it is amazing. Babes supporting babes. I noticed recently that I have had a lot of judgement floating around in my head.  I know it stems from my still not being 100% comfortable in my new role. Thinking everyone else has got it together and I don’t, when really we are all just doing the best we can. And no one really has it together behind the scenes. We are navigating as we go. So ditch the jealousy and go for admiration in what someone else is doing. And reach out or admit when shit is going well.  You’d be amazed at the reaction and support you might get. It can make such a big switch. I hope this will be my year. Less judgement, just love and support for my fellow babes, mamas and humans trying to get through. And hopefully finding my way back to a new me a few more steps at a time.

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