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Well, it’s here. 2017 is happening and I have some major goals I want to hit. I also find working from home can be quite lonely at times and hard to get motivated and so . . . . podcasts and audiobooks have been saving my ass.  Especially as a mom and with what little time I get to read, usually I fall asleep after two or three pages in if I read at night. Where we live is about 45mins – 1hr from the city so it’s a great way to pop on a podcast and let the inspiration soak in. Maybe my kids will even pick up a thing or two since they are forced to listen to my self help, entrepreneurial and motivational books since they are usually in the car too.

Here are a few of the gems I have been loving lately. They help me feel inspired, not alone and ready to get things done.

Being Boss Podcast  Emily Thompson & Kathleen Shannon are the real deal. These ladies are killing it. Great interviews, tons of useful content for any entrepreneur and these girls are hilarious. Relatable, funny, know exactly what we have all as entrepreneurs struggled with (since both have had several businesses) and of course these ladies are BOSS.  I am hoping as one of my 2017 goals to go on a boss vacation with these gals. Did I mention they are fun and hilarious?! Also both of these rad babes are mothers which I find extra relatable since being a mother on top of being an entrepreneur gives a whole other set of challenges to triumph over (No sleep, time constraints etc etc you get the picture)

Awesome with Alison This long time mompreneur, blogger, instagram dance dream queen, party planner extraordinaire has just started her own podcast with the help of her handy sound engineer hubby  and I just binged lisented to all 3 episoides. Yep, it’s that good. She is hilarious, Like really really funny, REAL, no BS here and tells you how she got from selling some random items etsy to hosting sponsored dance parties and being able to buy a new house. I first discovered Alison on her instagram when she was running her dance challenge contest. I couldn’t stop laughing at her dance videos bumping and grinding while fully prego and anyone who is having that much fun and makes me laugh and tag a million of my friends in the video is someone who I want to follow. And I can’t stop singing her podcast theme song. It’s the Alison, it’s the alison, it’s the alison.

Mums with Hustle Tracey Harris is a mama of now two from Australia who brings on such a broad spectrum of biz moms who are happy to share what works for them and how they do what they do. This is the ultimate podcast for the self learner who wants to grow their business but not spend hundreds or thousands on courses. From fitness gurus, coaches, to hand made businesses – she gets the dirt on how and why from so many great businesses. I even found my Shiny Happy Human business coach Gervase on there.  It was just meant to be.

You are a Badass  by Jen Sincero  Oh man does this book have so many little goodies for you. I am a self help nerd and listen to books over and over again. Or even hit repeat on certain chapters that I really need to sink in. And this one has sooo many gems for you. Topics such as money mindset. Decision making. This is a big goal for 2017. I’m being more decisive. Jen explains how indecision wastes so much time and fear of committing and not committing isn’t actually saving you from a bad mistake or decision  -it’s holding you back. I also am a big believer in trusting the universe, you have to put it out there and things will come back to you. And Jen puts her money and faith where her mouth is and shows us first hand how to ask and you shall receive. This isn’t for the faint of heart but I feel like if you are on the edge or need that not so gentle push to make changes and get things done this is the book for you.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert  Oh Liz. Liz Liz Liz Liz. Who wasn’t won over by Eat, Pray, Love. And if you weren’t then we can’t be friends. JK. well, not really but anywho. I want to be Liz’s friend. Can I call you Liz, Liz? Her curiosity and appetite for life. She makes the scary unscary and the fearful less fearful. I also completely believe that ideas just float around and if you don’t act on them then eventually or not so slowly they will move to someone else. I can remember having this idea of photographing all of the cool old doors in Vancouver. Their adorable old lady building names such as Dolores or The Catherine. In their beautiful gold and green hand painted letters. I thought about how cool it would be to curate this photography collection but as per normal with most of my ideas did nothing. And then low and behold, the next time about a year later at the Vancouver art gallery there was . . . an exhibit where someone had taken photos of old door ways and the adorable old lady building names in their green and glorious gold hand painted beauty. Yep. You snooze you lose. And Elizabeth’s example of this with one of my other favourite authors Anne Pachette is a story like no other. It makes you believe in MAGIC.

On a side note as far as audio books go. I really enjoy when the author reads for the recording in their own voice. It makes the story more real, helps you connect and sometimes the stand ins can be pretty horrible so make sure to listen to the sample before purchasing.

Another disclaimer I am a self help addict and I love love love hearing people’s stories. How they became who they did, how they created the business and life they have, how they made it work. I love the details so give me any entrepreneurial autobiographical book and I am all over it. They make my soul sing. I think because it gives you a glimpse into other people’s lives and I love when people let you in. And I like to know how people did it because if they did, chances are, so can WE. And Obviously, who doesn’t want to know someones secrets.

What are your favourite entrepreneurial, motivational, self help books for 2017 or all time favourites? Let me know. I would love to hear what you are listening to right now.

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  1. Cheryl says: Reply

    I’ve really been enjoying the One Bad Mother podcast. Definitely not for when the kids are in the car but it’s a fun listen. Interesting topics and funny stories.

    1. shannoncairney says: Reply

      I’ve already downloaded thanks for the recommendation. Sounds hilarious.

  2. Jess says: Reply

    I’m reading you are a badass and it’s amazing. LOVED Big Magic too!! Haven’t heard of these podcasts but I’m stoked to check them out. Already subscribed. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. shannoncairney says: Reply

      Oh awesome! and if you hear of anymore let me know!

  3. Sharon Cairney says: Reply

    I agree that in Gilbert’s Big Magic, she had a very wonderful description of how to keep your fears about creating out of the driver’s seat. Luckily that book was recommended to me by another very inspirational person!

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